HashOver 2.0 (in development)

Free and Open Source PHP Comment System

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About HashOver

HashOver is a self-hosted PHP comment system intended as a replacement for various proprietary software-as-a-service comment systems. It was designed to allow completely anonymous comments to be posted, and to store the comments in flat-file formats to make editing and backups easy for users who are not tech-savvy.

It is primarily developed by Jacob Barkdull. It was originally created to serve as the comment system for his own personal blog, and that is still the primary reason why development continues.

Contributing to HashOver

HashOver is a free and open source software project licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License. Its source code is available on Github. Any and all contributions are welcomed and appreciated.

Non-programming contributions are especially welcomed, such as translations into languages not yet supported or corrections to existing translations, graphic design for interface icons, and tutorials that help people setup and use HashOver.

Make a Donation

The HashOver project does not have a lot of contributors or resources, all maintenance costs like server hosting, domain name registration, and the occasional freelance translation work and commissioned graphics are paid by Jacob Barkdull.

HashOver is not a large commercial product, it's a personal project of high enough quality that many people find it useful. To see HashOver continue to be maintained and improved, please consider making a donation to fund its continued development.

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