Blocking IP Addresses

You can block IP addresses by adding them on the admin "IP Blocking" page, or by adding them to the /hashover/config/blocklist.json file. You may find the stores-ip-address setting helpful, this setting controls whether each user's IP address is stored with their comments.

Enabling Spam Protection

By default, spam protection is only enabled in PHP mode, because JavaScript mode is somewhat naturally protected against some forms of spam attacks, such as basic automated form filling, while PHP mode is not. However, spam protection can be enabled for JavaScript mode as well by changing the "Modes to perform SPAM check under" setting to "Both" on the admin Settings page, or by adding or changing the spam-check-modes setting to both in the /hashover/config/settings.json file.

How it works: HashOver will check whether or not a visitor's IP address is in a database of spam server IP addresses maintained at, you may also use your own local spam IP address database by changing the spam-database setting to local. If a visitor's IP address is in the database the visitor is most likely a spammer, HashOver will exit with a message saying "You are blocked!" while disallowing the visitor any interaction with the comments.